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    Asanat (Sana) Akibu
    Asanat (Sana) Akibu@sanakibz
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    Caring for Girls with Periods is a charity very close to my heart. Having battled with fibroids for many years, I fully understand the challenges of managing menstrual health issues and the importance of proper healthcare. I have been an advocate for GWP since 2021 and I am incredibly proud of the impactful work they are doing for the women and young girls of Africa. Thank you to Patricia, Lisa, and the rest of the amazing team for their dedication and commitment.
    Ede Jennifer
    Ede Jennifer@deborah
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    As a long time donor to Girls With Period i’ve witnessed the remarkable impact of their programs firsthand. Seeing the joy and transformation in the lives of young girls and women they touch has reaffirmed my commitment to support their cause
    Deborah Ovwigho
    Deborah Ovwigho@mz_vona
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    I have known girlswithperiod for three years. I have followed them religiously and I appreciate their cause since I believe menstrual hygiene is not a topic that is often discussed, and I am grateful for the incredible work that they do.
    Christine Nimera
    Christine Nimera@deborah
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    The initiative prioritizes comprehensive menstrual health education, equipping girls with knowledge about their bodies and menstrual hygiene practices. By fostering understanding and awareness, it helps dispel myths and taboos surrounding menstruation.
    Emmanuel Joseph
    Emmanuel Joseph@deborah
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    By addressing menstrual health comprehensively, the initiative empowers girls to manage their periods with dignity. It instills confidence, self- esteem, and a sense of empowerment, ensuring that menstruation is not a barrier but a natural aspect of life to be embraced with pride.
    Joy Njoku
    Joy Njoku@deborah
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    This Initiative stands as a beacon of hope and empowerment for girls worldwide. By providing education, access to products, and fostering Community support, it enables girls to navigate menstruation with dignity, confidence, and pride. I urge for more support physically or financially to keep the movement alive.
    Ibeh Olivia
    Ibeh Olivia@deborah
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    One of the critical components of the initiative is ensuring access to menstrual hygiene products. By providing pads, tampons, or menstrual cups, it addresses a fundamental need and removes barriers that might otherwise prevent girls from fully participating in daily activities.
    Martins Martins
    Martins Martins@deborah
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    Caring for girls with period initiative Helping young ladies and women on proper hygiene and psychologically empowering them on self confidence it has been an amazing ride Stepping out with this organization and creating positive change in the girl child
    Jacen Ezeani
    Jacen Ezeani@deborah
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    Beyond tangible resources, the initiative fosters a sense of community support. Through workshops, support groups, and online platforms, girls can share experiences, seek advice, and access emotional support, creating a supportive network that empowers them to embrace their menstrual health confidently.
    Chisom Egwim
    Chisom Egwim@deborah
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    Caring for girls with period initiative emphasizes the importance of educating girls about menstruation, breaking taboos, and promoting open conversations about menstrual health I love the movement and call on more support
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    Empowering girls through dignity and confidence, GWP is a beacon of hope for menstrual hygiene. Their dedicated efforts ensure young girls have access to vital resources, breaking barriers and fostering a brighter, healthier future. Proud to support their impactful work!
    Abang Mercy
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    the NGO's efforts to destigmatize menstruation are commendable, their work to change cultural perceptions would promote a more supportive environment for girls.
    Eno Johnson
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    One of the reasons i love this program is the distribution of sanitary products. The initiative ensures that girls have access to high-quality sanitary pads, which is crucial for maintaining their health and dignity.
    Victoria Yellowduke
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    Their holistic approach not only supports girls in managing their periods but also empowers them to pursue their education and future goals without interruption. I would highly recommend participating and supporting this impactful organization.
    Edet Vivian
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    The outreach organized by the NGO were incredibly informative and engaging. They provided comprehensive education on menstrual health, teaching girls about their bodies and how to manage their periods safely and hygienically.
    Ironbar Deborah
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    I highly recommend this NGO for anyone who is interested in impacting young girls, they organize and conduct outreaches in schools and communities, leaving positive impact on the girls.
    Umukoro Rita
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    As a participant in the Caring for Girls with Period Initiative, I had the opportunity to witness firsthand the profound impact this NGO is having on the lives of young girls. The initiative focuses on menstrual health education, providing essential sanitary products, and breaking the stigma surrounding menstruation in communities where such conversations are often taboo.
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    Been an ardent follower of GWP! They do amazing things for women’s and girls from marginalized communities, throw some money their way!