Post Event Press Release For Fitness Walk

Fitness walks are usually held to improve posture and balance and maintain our overall health, experts say that Just 30 minutes of walking each day can increase cardiovascular fitness, strengthen bones, reduce excess body fat, and boost muscle power and endurance.

girls with period walk

The Caring For Girls With Period initiative team members and friends, came out in their specially designed apparels to engage in a fitness walk on the 9th of October 2021, from WAEC junction Yaba, to Rowe park off Adekunle junction in a bid to spread awareness about our cause, stay fit and to welcome our new team member, a professional fitness trainer and gym enthusiast Mr Samuel Chineke.

The walk kicked off at exactly 7:00am. As we set to leave WAEC junction, Mr Hanson who is also a fitness enthusiast gave us a pep talk on the do’s and don’ts so all the participants would stay safe and avoid unnecessary injuries during the walk.

Some team members were exhausted from outreaches held a day before the walk but Mr Samuel our newest team member alongside some fitness enthusiast motivated us, giving us vibes and spreading positive energy.

Ms Lisa played the role of a Disc Jockey with her amazing fitness & motivational playlist, while some participants shuffled between carrying the beat box. Few hours into the walk some passers-by whose attention we had drawn started dropping by to either dance with us or ask what the campaign walk was about and we were sure to educate them and also share some affirmation cards to them.

We arrived at Rowe park some minutes past 8:00am and continued with some upper body, lower body and cardio exercises led by Mr Samuel our fitness instructor, we went on to share glucose, water and chewing gums, so most of the participants would regain their strength. We did exercises like squats, jumping jacks, boxing and lots more. This session was so interesting that we drew the attention and curiosity of some people at Rowe park who couldn’t help but join in on our workout routines.

Mr Hanson, took over the session and went on to drill us further. We went as far as having a jumping jack competition of which Ms Mercy emerged the winner of a free movie ticket at Ozone Cinema Yaba. The event was concluded with a DANCE DANCE DANCE! Splash, we went further to distribute wrist bands, affirmation cards, stickers and other goodies to all those present at the park, it was indeed a delightful time out! All Covid 19 protocols were strictly observed.

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