Post Event Press Release For Modupe Cole Memorial Child Care And Treatment Home/School

MODUPE COLE is an educational and behavioural centre with boarding facilities for special children who suffer from dyslexia, cerebral palsy, down syndrome and ADHD. They diagnose and teach special children basic learning skills, as well as life skills, in order to instil self-worth, self-confidence, and independence in them. They also offer behavioural, occupational, physio and speech therapy. With the aim of preparing them to be maximally useful to themselves and also contribute their quota to the society within the limit of their ability.

Mrs Atinuke Adeoti decided to celebrate her birthday by hosting a joint outreach with the Caring For Girls With Period Initiative (GWP) team on the 21 of July 2021 at Modupe Cole School, Akoka, Lagos. The event was themed CELEBRATE AND EXTEND LOVE and was focused on educating the female students about menstrual health and hygiene and how to use and properly dispose their sanitary products.

In attendance of the event were the resident female students of the school, (day students couldn’t attend as it was a public holiday) friends and loved ones of Mrs Atinuke and the GWP team and the husband of the celebrant Mr Adeoti who represented her because she was unavailable. On arrival at the venue, one on the special children ran up to hug our creative director Mr Peter Adana and most of our team members. That little act of love went a long way into cheering everyone up and making most of the team members tear up.

The event started exactly 11:00pm with Ms Oluwaremilekun Malato Cecilia, Medical practitioner and Menstrual health enthusiast giving a brief talk about menstrual hygiene and health care. She starts her lecture by asking them what menstruation is, one of the children stood up to say menstruation is blood flow. “What a beautiful response” said Ms Remi who went on to give a more accurate and clearer definition of menstruation. One of the girls stood up to ask when next we were coming, and said to bring make up products (powder) for her because she loved how it looked on some of the GWP team members.

Further into the event, Mercy Okopi the Executive assistant of GWP gave a visual display of how to properly fix a pad and how to dispose it afterwards, she then called on a student to give a simulation of the process. The student named Gbenru got it wrong at first try but did it perfectly after a retry, “clap for me nau” she said, which got the room bubbling with laughter.

Ms Remi went on to speak about the celebrant and asked that the students sing a happy birthday song to show their gratitude, they sang the most heart-warming HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONG we have heard in a while!

The event was concluded by distributing menstrual/sanitary kits (Hygiene packs), raw food stuffs, biscuits and drinks to the students in order to promote menstrual hygiene, healthcare awareness and celebrate love. Covid19 safety protocols were observed during the event.

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